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Houston Storm Window Installation

Our energy effcient storm windows in Houston are an affordable alternative to a Replacement window that has stood the test of time. Give us a call at 281-392-5353 for a free estimate. We are located in Katy, Texas however we service the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas with storm window installations.


Why Storm Windows Instead of Replacement Windows?
1)  Reduces air leaks therefore adding warmth.
2)  Adds insulation (heat retention in winter, cooling in summer) and noise control year round.
3)  No structural damage to your home, installed over existing windows.
4)  Storm windows are not hermetically sealed and therefore do not fail.
5)  Keeps historical homes “Historically Correct,” (you retain your beautiful old windows and heirloom glass).
6)  Generally does not require carpentry.
7)  Installing replacement windows can take from one to three days.  Storm windows can be installed in an afternoon.
8) An affordable option to replacement windows.


Storm windows in Katy and Houston once dominated the replacement window market. Today, storms still present an economical opportunity to prevent energy loss through existing windows and fights noise pollution as well. Our storm windows in Houston are energy efficient and can be fitted with a number of glazings, such as laminated glass, and are available with optional solar screens.

Storms remain an energy efficient economical alternative to complete window replacement in Houston and Katy.
DYC’s exclusive BiTrak™ designs feature single hung and single slider storms in a two-track system while our exclusive TriTrak™ designs feature double hung and double slider storms in a three-track system.

Picture windows and shapes are also available. Our storm windows in Houston are carefully installed upon the exterior of your existing windows to provide an additional barrier against adverse weather conditions and provide a more comfortable environment in your home. DYC storm windows in this System are made-to-order in custom sizes to meet your unique needs and are available in Mill Finish (unpainted aluminum), White, Tan, or Bronze. In addition to our Limited Lifetime Warranty, our Houston energy efficient storm window’s most popular features include:

  • High density pile Eco-Ban weather stripping with mylar fin on the full perimeter of the frame provides a seal between the frame and the sashes.
  • Composite slide latches are used on the sashes to provide extra strength and a longer life than cheap plastic or nylon latches common to lesser storm designs.
  • Mechanical interlocks at the meeting rail, sill, and head prevent rattling and fight air infiltration.
  • Available tubular hollow frames provide greater strength, stability and rigidity than older single-wall frame designs.
  • Optional screens and various tints are available to reduce glare and harmful UV rays, and to improve the thermal performance of your existing windows.
  • Dual-durometer flexible gasket around the perimeter mounting flange acts like a thermal break to reduce energy transfer through the existing window.
  • Environmentally friendly, durable powder coated finish for long lasting color retention.
  • Bettervue® improved visibility screen is standard allowing 10% better airflow.

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(Please note we have a 5 window minimum. We also do NOT repair windows.)

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