December 14, 2016

Replacing the windows in your Houston home?

Are you considering replacing the windows in your Houston home?

Common reasons for homeowners to want to replace their Houston windows include a lack of energy efficiency, a foggy appearance, or a loss of luster. Perhaps the current windows are the old single pane version, have lost their seal, or just weren’t installed correctly.

Houston Windows

Houston Windows

Regardless of the reason for seeking to change your Houston windows, you will be presented with a variety of window options to choose from.  There are low-E and argon-filled glass units; frames made of wood, composite, vinyl, or aluminum; and fixed or operable units. All of these are viable selections, thus leaving two very important deciding factors when choosing a replacement window, cosmetics and cost.

But what would be the process for installing a new Houston replacement window?

A replacement window does not have nailing fins and are fastened to the framing by installing screws on the inside frame of the window. Your original Houston window is removed by removing the glass and imploding the frame in upon its self so that the wall covering on the outside doesn’t have to be removed. These are generally used when you have brick, rock, or stucco that’s butted up next to the window, and are also used for wood, vinyl and aluminum siding. You would typically go back with a custom retrofit window when replacing an existing unit.

Why is the installation so important?

Remember that if your Houston window is not sealed properly it will let in the hot/cold air from the outside; while at the same time, allow the air from your air conditioner/heater to flow out of your home.

Who should I consult?

Always use a reputable Houston Replacement Window company who is insured and listens to what you want, and then helps you make an educated decision on what will work best for you and your home.

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