February 16, 2017

Both Houston Homeowners Need to Be Present? What?

Houston Windows

Houston Windows

Ever heard a window company say they require that all the decision makers must be present for their quote? Have you ever wondered why this is?

The answer is simple, they want you both to be there so they can try to talk you into buying on the spot without taking any time to think it over.

Remember these companies have been in business for years, they’ve met with thousands of people who are considering a replacement window project just like yours. They know if they meet with only one homeowner they will likely not close the deal, you get the idea.  

Why does it matter so much if someone buys on the spot or takes a couple days to consider their options?

For many companies it doesn’t matter at all. Keep in mind that every company knows how their products compares to their competitors.

How can you tell if they’re really offering a great deal? 

Tell them you want to think it over for a couple days or maybe even a week.  If they tell you this deal will be gone in a week for any reason (no matter how convincing it may seem), you know FOR SURE that it’s not a great deal at all.

A great deal today will be a great deal tomorrow.  If a company really is offering you a great deal they’ll be confident enough to let you shop around.  

So back to the “both owners must be present” line.  

Now that we know all this does is increase the chance they’ll be able to talk you into something, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

There are many companies, large and small, in your area that offer replacement windows and doors.  You’re probably only going to get quotes from 1-3 of them.  Use this info to your advantage by not meeting with companies that say they want both of you to be present.  It’s perfectly fine if you both are not present (in fact I would suggest it), but the requirement is the surefire sign that you’re going to get a drawn-out sales pitch and you’ll most certainly be better off without that.

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Both Houston Homeowners Need to Be Present? What?


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