Beat the Heat With New Replacement Windows in Houston

As the temperatures rise, Houstonians are looking for ways to stay cool and beat the heat. Houston is known for its hot summers, and if you’re a homeowner in this city, you may be trying to prepare your residence for the hotter months of the year. In this blog, Replacement Windows of Katy explains a great way to insulate your home: window replacement!

Window Replacement and Energy Usage


 Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows play a huge role in energy consumption. If you’re living in Houston, chances are, your air conditioning unit is one of your best friends. Like most Houstonians, you probably increase your usage of your AC unit during the spring and summer. However, if you’re using old, deteriorated windows, you won’t be able to get the most out of your air conditioner.


If you want to maximize your air conditioning usage, investing in your home insulation is critical. Did you know that you may be consuming excess electricity by using your AC unit without high quality windows? Studies have shown that homeowners have been able to decrease their energy costs by over 25% through residential window replacement.


Old, drafty windows allow the outside temperature to infiltrate your residence and have an effect on the interior of your home. Today’s window manufacturers create their windows and window frame parts using present-day technology that works wonders for residential insulation. Upgrading your windows will provide you and your family with a much more comfortable experience while you’re resting indoors during a warm, muggy night.


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As you can see, it’s important to make sure you have the best windows for your home. Replacement Windows of Katy is here to provide you with the optimal window replacements for your windows. Don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying your home and getting the most out to your residence. If you’re searching for the best possible replacements that will insulate your home and add value to your property, we’re here to help you start this process. Call us today at 281-392-5353 to speak with our Houston window experts and schedule an appointment with one of  our salespersons.

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