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Started in 1978, The Don Young Company is a family-owned business that offers well-manufactured windows of all types. Featuring cutting-edge technology and incredible energy efficiency ratings, DYC windows are extremely popular among our clientele in Katy, Texas.

Founded in Dallas, The Don Young Company is one of the oldest window manufacturers in Texas. They’re known for their high quality storm windows, aluminum windows, and vinyl replacements. As a high quality window manufacturer, they have built a reputation for providing customers with an assortment of extremely durable window replacements.


If you’re new to window shopping and you don’t know where to start, the DYC window could be exactly what you’re searching for. The customer testimonials for these products go back decades, and this company has a proven track record for customer satisfaction and excellent warranty coverage.


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Houston Windows


Don Young Aluminum Windows


DYC windows undergo rigorous testing before they’re sold to the public. During in-house tests, engineers at Don Young placed their aluminum windows on dry ice for an extended period of time, proving their durability. Less durable aluminum products would typically frost during this test, while the PolyPour aluminum was able to withstand the low temperature without warping, rotting, or swelling.


Don Young aluminum windows implement a thermal break that serves as a separation for the interior metals. This “PolyPour” technology allows DYC windows to stand out from the crowd; some aluminum windows are not known for their durability, and they can sometimes break and bend under extreme weather conditions. Using windows from the Don Young Company will help you avoid weathering issues and enjoy your DYC products for years to come.


Don Young offers a single hung window series that provides customers with excellent windows that include some of the best aluminum reinforcement in the industry. Incorporating a fusion welded frame, these windows have the materials necessary to block out outside penetrations such as water and air. And with dual weather stripping, you’ll be able to resist deterioration such as mold, mildew, fungi, and dust buildup.


Replacement Windows of Katy offers the best possible windows, and by including The Don Young Company products in our elite lineup of window replacements, you can count on us to provide you with the best replacement possible. For more information on the windows we provide to our customers in Katy and the surrounding areas, call us at 281-392-5353 to speak with a specialist.




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