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Houston Windows Replacement-  Vista Windows

Houston Windows Replacement- Vista Windows


Houston Windows Replacement- Vista Windows

Replacement Windows of Katy provides Vista Windows from The Woodlands to Sugar Land.

SingleHungAnimated_040613Vista Window Company® offers many styles of home replacement vinyl windows for year-round comfort. Our double and triple paned window options greatly increases energy efficiency and savings on utility bills.

Vista Windows has many great window styles, such as Single Hung Windows, Double Hung Windows, Garden Windows and many more. All our vinyl window styles come with a variety of options such as shapes and colors, finish, and insulations. See all our window styles for a complete list of options.

The Vista Window Difference

  • Improve the look of your windows with locks featuring LockAppeal Technology™
  • Clean windows in half the time with our tilt-in or lift-out designs
  • Get the same viewing area on the top and bottom of your windows with equal sightlines
  • Our replacement windows come with heavy-duty screens that are built strong and made to last
  • Our optional Hero Glass™ reduces noise, airborne debris, forced entry and UV ray
  • Optional EEE-Z-Kleen™ glass treatment makes our replacement windows dust-and water-repellent

Vista Windows Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land and Houston

Sometimes good just isn’t good enough. Founded in April of 2001 by a group of industry veterans, Vista Window Company was determined to impose a new set of principles on the window business. A combination of common sense, depth of experience, operational excellence and a genuine desire to do right by every customer is what drove our beginnings. At Vista, we continually invest in innovation and the design of our window line. You can learn more about what makes our windows different by exploring the Our Unique Differences page.

Vista Window Co. Western Division is proud to be a part of Fortune Brands Home & Security (FBHS). FBHS creates products and services that help fulfill the dreams of homeowners and help people feel more secure. The company’s trusted brands include Master Lock, MasterBrand cabinets, Moen faucets and Therma-Tru entry door systems. FBHS holds market leadership positions in all of its segments and it is this leadership position that continues to allow FBHS brands to innovate and grow. Find out more about Fortune Brands Home & Security by visiting their website

The Vista Seal The very fabric of Vista Window Company is dedication to our customers, which is embodied in our logo. Every part of our logo has special meaning and significance. The main part of our logo is our seal, assuring the customer that every Vista window is manufactured to provide the tightest “seal” in the industry.

The Seal has many characteristics that represent the values of Vista:
“Thermally Efficient” – the seal is an extremely thermally efficient animal, just like Vista’s products.
“We listen” – it isn’t commonly known, but even though seals do not really have ears, they hear at least as well as humans and probably better. This signifies how well we listen to our customers.
“Balance” – The beach ball represents how we must juggle all aspects of our business for steady and reliable performance for our customers.
“Sleek and fast” – being sleek and fast, the seal is able to navigate through turbulent waters using its built-in sonar to navigate and find food, even in the dark. The Vista team always has their ears to the ground and their eyes on the future to enable us to provide the best service in the industry and keep bringing new and innovative products to our customers.

The Panorama Window system was created to offer you a variety of styles and colors to satisfy the design tastes of the most discerning homeowners. Each individual style compliments the other, providing a harmonious look. This is important not only for the overall look of your home, but for a total performance package as well.


Block Noise, UV Rays with Hero Glass™

The Strong, Silent Type. Hero Glass™ a laminated glass pane for your home windows that protect against noise, airborne debris, forced entry and harmful UV rays.

Windows with Superior Sound Blocking

Superior Sound-BlockingYour home window’s sound-blocking ability is expressed as its STC (Sound Transmission Class). The higher the STC, the better the sound blocking ability. By adding a laminated glass pane like Hero Glass™ to your window, you will increase the STC, providing you with a barrier to block sound.

Stronger, Safer Home Windows

A Stronger SafeguardA window is essentially a hole in your home. So having strong glass is important to protect your family from the weather and intruders. Hero Glass™ is made with an inner layer of clear, PVB laminate. It is put through a special heating & annealing process to increase the stiffness of the window pane so that it resists shattering, much like auto glass.

Insulated Windows, Better Energy Efficiency

Hero Glass Laminated GlassHero Glass™ is thicker than a normal window glass pane, providing you with a better overall thermal rating. Hero Glass™ makes it harder for heat and cold to pass through the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU).Hero Glass™ can be added to any of our double pane glass systems to give you increased comfort and security while still providing a clear view of the outside world.
Hero Glass™ can be added to any of our double pane glass systems to give you increased comfort and security while still providing a clear view of the outside world.


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