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Having Replacement Windows of Katy do your HOUSTON WINDOW INSTALLATION would be an easy and smooth process. Having replacement windows installed in your home is an investment and process. That many homeowners do not want to embark on. Many homeowners have this idea in their head that replacing their windows will be extremely costly and time-consuming. They also believe that they would not be able to find a Houston Window Installation company they could trust to do an excellent job. While also not having outrageous prices. But, when you are working with Replacement Windows of Katy, the exact opposite happens.

At Replacement Windows of Katy, we strive to please our customers. We carry only top quality windows at competitive prices compared to other businesses. And we aim to make the process easy and time efficient on you. We understand that your time and money is valuable. Which is why we have been in business for over 25 years. When you are having your windows installed, we will walk you through the process. And make sure that you have a better understanding as to what exactly goes into window installation in a home. In this post, we will explore the steps that will occur when you have Houston Window Installation.

Measuring the Windows

By the time your contractor is ready for your window installation. You have already gone through the tedious process of picking out the windows you want. And now the next step is, of course, the most important, the installation process. And the first step to installing your new windows is getting precise measurements of the openings for the windows in your home. Proper measurements will ensure that the window will fit precisely into the opening. When a window fits exactly it is able to be weather secure, long-lasting, and protect you from the outdoor elements.

Window Installation

Removal of Old Window

So now, the measurements are completed, the order for the new windows has been placed and have now arrived. Now it is time for the crew to start the window installation. Your contractor and team will begin working by removing the older windows before the replacement can begin. When they begin the work, they will be working very meticulously at this step. To make sure that they don’t cut too far into the original weather barrier. Which usually consists of sheets of specially coated material that’s designed to keep water out of the walls. This step is very important because they want to make sure that the new window will still be integrated into the older weather barrier.

Removal of Old Sealants

Once the windows are removed, the contractor and team will also remove all traces of the sealants that held the old window in place. So, that the new sealants will adhere properly to the opening. Houston Window Installation is a process that is done efficiently, but also done correctly so that there are no future problems with your new windows.

Weatherproofing the Opening

Now that the old windows and sealants have been removed. It is time for the next important step before your new windows will be installed. Weatherproofing the opening is a very important step and is often done by “Flashing”. Flashing can refer to the materials used for weatherproofing a window and also the act of installing the material. Flashing is put around a window from the bottom up. That way, when the water hits it, it runs off the lower portion of the flashing. Meaning, it acts a drains for your windows. So, that water is not constantly pounding on your windows and possible leaking through the windows. Flashing provides a barrier for the weather and longevity for the new windows.

Installing the New Windows

The old windows are removed, sealants removed, and now the opening of the windows have been weatherproofed. Now it is finally time to install your new windows. The crew will now begin to remove any other nails they may see in the openings. Once this is done, then they set the window’s still on the bottom part of the opening. Next, they will slowly push the frame in until all the nailing fins are flush against the wall. Once the window is in place, the contractor will use a level to make sure everything is properly aligned. After that is completed, the contractor will use nails to secure it to the opening, while applying more flashing. Once is it nailed in, sealants are used to make sure the window keeps air out.

Houston Window Installation

Voila! Now your Houston Window Installation is complete! Once all the windows are installed your contractor will show you around. And you will be able to see the craftsmanship that has been done. Along with asking any remaining questions you may have. Replacement Windows of Katy, will not leave until you are satisfied with the work that has been done. We guarantee that will us you will receive the best service and craftsmanship possible. We take Texas Pride in our work and we will answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make your window installation process as easy and stress-free on you as possible. Call our friendly experts today 281-392-5353 to schedule your free estimate today.


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Below are before and After windows that we installed in The Woodlands, Texas:



Houston Window Installation

Houston Window Installation



Houston Window Installation

Houston Window Installation

Houston Window Installation

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