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Is it Time for a New Garage Door Katy?

Crunch!  Creek!  Smash!  Hopefully those sounds are coming from your neighbor’s garage door… Uh, oh.  On closer examination, that’s your garage door! It’s not every day you have to have a new garage door installed, but it looks like today just might be that day.


How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Garage Door?

If your door is completely smashed in, then it’s a pretty easy decision.

But, what are some other problems or signs that it might be time for a new garage door?

It may be time to replace your garage door if:

  • 1. The door is chipped or partially broken – If you have a wooden door, you may notice wood beginning to splinter and break around the edges.  If the bottom part of the door that rests on the ground easily tears or breaks, it’s a sign the door needs to be replaced.  If you wait too long, it could fall apart and hurt you, your children, or your neighbors.
  • 2. It has loose and/or broken wires – If loose and broken wires are present, your garage door may not operate safely, or at all.
  • 3. Your door shakes or is otherwise unstable – This is a sure sign your door at least operates improperly.
  • 4. Your garage door rests unevenly – If one end of your door is on the ground, and the other end is way up in the air, your garage door will not be able to operate properly.


If you think your garage door needs replacing, you have a major decision on your hands:  who are you going to call? There are many contractors you can call in the Katy area, but you know the most important qualities to have are experience, reliability, great customer service, and honest pricing.  The top benefits you receive when working with Replacement Windows of Katy include:

  • 1. Expertise that comes from 25+ years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry –
  • 2. Only the most qualified professionals – The garage door repair industry possesses no certifications, licenses, or governing bodies for its professionals.  We have relationships with skilled technicians who we know do a good job.  You can expect that whoever walks through your door will do exceptional work.
  • 3. Fast, courteous service – You can expect all professionals to provide courteous service.


So, if you need a new garage door, now’s your chance to act, and you can count on Replacement Windows of Katy to do a great job each and every time.



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