Window Replacement Houston is an investment that many homeowners are often scared of. Mostly, because they are afraid of the cost, especially when considering resale for their home. The potential time it could take to install the windows is also a concern for many homeowners, so it won’t interfere with their daily lives. Homeowners are often unsure as to when they need to get new windows, or if they can be repaired.

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Replacement VS. Repair

In this post, we will investigate when a homeowner should have a window replacement versus having a window simply repaired. Replacing your windows is something that requires research and knowledge before you can make the best decision. Therefore, Window Replacement Houston will help you learn if you need new windows. So, that you can make the best decision for your unique situation going forward.

When to Repair and When to Replace Your Window

There are many signs that can tell us when we need to have new windows installed or when we just need a simple repair job to a window. There are simple things that you can do to see the problems. To then be able to decide if repairing or replacing your windows is best for your situation.

Inspecting Your Windows for Decay

Inspecting your windows for decay is very important to do in your household. If you see any rot or decay, that might be a sign that Window Replacement Houston is needed. Even pro’s do not recommend repairing rot because it spreads. Because it will only be a temporary fix. It is best to remove the window and have all traces of decay expelled from the window opening.

Inspecting Your Windows for Water

Check and see if you see signs that water has penetrated around the window frame. The windows need to be removed and repaired before they rot. In this case, the repair simple depends on how much water is entering. If there is a good amount of water, then window replacement would be recommended by a professional. And if there is any condensation between layers of insulated glass. You will need also need to replace the window because it is no longer able to hold up to the outdoor elements.

Wanting Windows that are MORE Energy Efficient

When you are wanting windows that are more energy efficient. The best thing that can be done is to have Window Replacement Houston. Things cannot be “doctored up” to be as energy efficient as putting new windows in. If you are wanting to save money on your energy bills, it is time to replace. When you have your windows replaced with newer, more energy efficient windows. You will notice a difference not only in your bills. But, how cool air is staying in more and not leaving your house.

My House is Old

If your house is over 20 years old, then it is time for window replacement. Once your windows hit a certain age, they begin to deteriorate at a faster rate. Windows from 20 years ago do not have the technology we have today. You are better off replacing because you will be saving your AC and your wallet. It is time to take the next step and invest in your home. Which will, in turn, be an even better investment for the money you will be saving with your energy bills.  And eventually, with much older windows, you will be able to see massive amounts of rot and decay. If you have not already.

My Windows Painted Shut

Do not worry here, you will not need to replace your windows because of the paint. The upside is that this may give you a weather-tight seal in the winter. But most people enjoy opening their windows for cool night breezes. All you need to do in this case is, use a saw to cut through the paints. Put the saw teeth along the seam that the paint has sealed and slide it along the window. And there you go, you will be able to open and close your windows like normal. Without having to have window replacement.

Window Replacement Houston

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