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Types of Windows and their function…



Single Hung Window

Single hung window consists of an operable sash on the bottom half of the window. This sash slides up and down to open the window for ventilation, as well as tilting inward for easy cleaning.   The top half of the window is fixed and does not tilt inward or slide.










Double Hung Window

Featuring a classic design, double hung windows are a very popular choice of replacement windows for homeowners. They have two sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning and slide up and down for maximum ventilation.











Slider Window

A slider window is a horizontal window with sashes that independently slide back and forth. Sashes move for easy cleaning.




Casement Window

Casement windows are attached (or hinged) to one side of the frame and open by swinging out from your house. Casement windows open with a crank and feature a fold-away nesting handle that does not stick out and provides a nice, tidy look.



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