Replacement Windows in Houston

 Replacement Windows in Houston 

Replacement Windows is an investment that many homeowners are often scared of. Mostly, because they are afraid of the costs. And the potential time it could take to install the windows. Homeowners are also scared because they are never really sure as to when they need to get new windows. If they should replace all their windows at once. What the process would even be to install new windows. And if installing new windows is actually a good investment. Replacing your windows is something that requires research and knowledge before you can make the best decision. Therefore, we will learn the process of Replacement Windows so, you can make the best decision going forward.

Houston Replacment Windows

Houston TX Window Replacement

When Do I Need to Get Replacement Windows

Often, homeowners are not sure as to when they need new windows. But nevertheless, there are signs as to when you need to replace your windows. Well-maintained windows could last for 20 years, but that also depends on the environment you live in. Wind, snow, sleet, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, heat, and cold. Can all impact how long your windows will last. But, there are 3 easy signs you can look out for that tell you to replace your windows.

  1. Damaged, warped, or broken windows. You will need to have them replaced. Warped windows occur with wood windows. Where they begin to bend and become deformed because of moisture. So, if there is damage and the windows have cracks, holes, or warped. It is time to replace your windows.
  2. If you want to help save money on your energy bill. It is now designed where the windows are more energy efficient.  And designed to block more drafts, incoming light, heat, or cold. Research now shows that single pane windows are the source for 25% of lost energy. Costing you more money on your bill.
  3. If you just went through a severe storm. And you have visible damage to your windows or they were not able to keep water out of your house. It is time to have Replacement Windows.

Should I Replace all My Windows at Once

Homeowners are often not sure if they should replace just one window or all their windows at once. Once you identify your reason for needing your windows replaced, the decision to replace one window or all windows is easier. If you have just one window that has been broken or damaged, then you would only need to replace just that damaged window. There is no need to replace all your windows at this time. If you have multiple that are warped windows, then it is best to replace all your windows. Because eventually all the windows will become warped. If you are looking to save money on your energy bill. Then it is best to replace all your windows at once. It would not be efficient to have some windows that are new, energy efficient, and others that are not. If you just went through a severe storm and your windows were letting water in at multiple areas. You need to have all your windows replaced to avoid future flooding.

The Process of Installing Windows

When you replace windows, all of the windows will be removed. The first thing that needs to be done is everything around the windows removed. Curtains, tables, chairs, or drapes. The experts at Replacement Windows of Katy will ensure that all your new windows fit properly and minimize your heating/cooling loss during the process. An average installation will take one day but varies from customer to customer. We will dispose of the old ones properly. Making the process of installing windows as simple and easy for you.

Is Replacement Windows a Good Investment

When you consider that Replacement Windows are designed to last 20 years. Most homeowners would see that as a positive, but that may not be enough reasoning to have their windows replaced. After everything is broken down, only you can decide if replacing your windows is a good investment in your life situation. And remember, they also add value to your home if your home is over 20 years old. If you own a home over 20 years and are looking to sell. Many homebuyers see added value in having new windows already installed. Ultimately, it is up to you if replacing your windows would be a good investment in your life.

Expert Replacement Windows in Houston

If you have now decided that Replacement Windows are a good investment in your life. Then, you are now wondering who you should call to receive a free estimate. Replacement Windows of Katy is here for you and your windows. We carry and install energy efficient windows. Because we want to reduce your energy bills and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call our friendly expert today 281-392-5353, to schedule your appointment and receive a free estimate.

Replacement Windows in Houston

Fun Facts About the City of Houston: 

  • Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation. So if you are looking for a diverse place to be, this is the city for you.
  • Houston houses one of the world’s largest malls, The Galleria.
  • Visit Houston, if you are a fan of world-class food, shopping, and entertainment. 
  • Houston gets more rain than Seattle, another reason to make sure your windows are durable and safe.
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