Houston Window Replacement Cost

Houston Window Replacement Cost


If you’re a responsible homeowner who’s undergoing house repairs and renovations, one of your points of focus may be your windows. Are you trying to replace your windows, but not quite sure about how much your replacements may cost? In this article, Replacement Windows of Katy breaks down how much you can expect to pay for your Houston window replacements, and where to find the best window replacement company in Katy, Texas.

Replacement Windows Of Katy

Replacement Windows Of Katy | Houston Window Replacement Cost

Replacement Windows Of Katy

Replacement Windows Of Katy  | Houston Window Replacement Cost


How much do replacement windows cost in Houston?


While window replacement costs will vary from project to project, customers can typically expect to spend $500-$900 for vinyl window replacement. The estimate you will receive will be largely based on the grades of vinyl you choose (builder, mid, premium, etc.) and the size of the window, along with any labor charges that will come along with your installation.


If you’re searching for all wooden windows (coupled with energy efficient glass) you can expect to pay $1500-$1800, while a wooden window replacement with a fiberglass exterior costs in the $1350-$1600 range. Customers who are searching for all wood windows with aluminum exterior cladding should expect to pay up to $2000.


Replacement Windows of Katy


These are the typical costs of a 36” x 60” single-hung windows installed with energy efficient glass. We hope our window replacement cost estimator helped you expect what to pay for your windows, but keep in mind that your window replacement costs may vary greatly. Our Katy and Houston window company offers free estimates for customers who are in need of their windows replaced, and our 20+ years of experience ensures you’ll receive a quality installation at all times. Using industry-leading materials and techniques, we are able to provide our customers and clients with long-lasting windows that fit into their budgets.


Trying to find more information on how you can replace your Houston windows today? If so, give us a call at 281-392-5353 for a consultation with one of our Houston window experts. We’d love to learn more about your needs and find the window that fits your needs. Located in the heart of Katy, Texas, our team is dedicated to providing customers in Katy and surrounding areas with the best possible windows.

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